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What we do

Intelligent: We deliver intelligent customer engagement programs that identify and value your customers’ behavior gaps, target those gaps with economically rational incentives, and then engage each of your customers to help close those gaps.Driving Results: Our platform allows our clients to get to market quickly, while remaining fully customizable to your needs.Our proprietary approach ensures you’ll realize better ROI and deeper levels of customer engagement than traditional engagement or loyalty programs.Our team of experts can design, build and operate full end-to-end customer engagement programs or can work modularly with existing programs or applications to improve your company’s results and profitability.

Our Verticals

Intelligent Customer Engagement Vs. Traditional Loyalty

How we do it


Our platform gets you intelligently engaging with your customers quickly and easilyOur managed services platform and proprietary approach allow for quick implementation with minimal resources required from IT and marketing, while delivering programs completely customized to each company’s brand, user experience and customer economics. To support this, the cloud-based platform has three main components:
Listening Posts We gather real-time and historical data on your customers which we use to identify each customer’s behavior gaps relative to a set of key behaviors that drive value for your business.
Intelligent Rules The core of our platform, we create Intelligent Rules to target economically rational incentives to close those behavior gaps, at an individual level.
Interaction Management Then, we engage each of your customers with a choice of targeted incentives to help profitably close those behavior gaps. This happens in real-time, at any point of interaction, and in any channel.
Exchange Solutions’ Analytics and Optimization team works constantly through the process to optimize the customer interactions and incentive levels to maximize ROI.The platform is modular, so that we can integrate with any 3rd party software applications you already have in place, such as a marketing automation tool or an existing ecommerce platform.


“We believe that customers are no longer happy to be ’sold to’ by companies. Instead, the most successful customer experiences are the ones where the customer feels they have been ’helped to purchase’.”Steven J. Hoffman, President and CEO

We use an innovative approach called Value Exchange Optimization™ which is designed to invert the traditional notions of push-based marketing, putting the customer more in control of the conversation so they feel “helped” not “sold to”, but always with a result that is profitable for the company.

How to get started

Understanding the potential value of your member behaviors is the first step in developing an intelligent customer engagement program. The Customer Engagement Roadmap helps companies not only identify and quantify their customer behavior gaps, but provides a roadmap showing how to capitalize on these incremental opportunities.

Fast Facts

At Exchange Solutions, we offer broad expertise in engaging and monetizing customers - and delivering more profitable results for our clients.

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The Customer Engagement Experts™

Exchange Solutions designs, builds and operates intelligent customer engagement programs that improve customer acquisition, retention and profitability by identifying and closing high-value “behavior gaps”. Intelligent Rules target each customer with a choice of economically rational incentives to drive that incremental behavior change.Exchange Solutions’ cloud-based platform permits rapid implementation in all channels, customized to each client’s needs. Its proprietary approach and in-market experience deliver quicker results, better ROI, and deeper customer engagement than traditional engagement or loyalty programs.From their offices in Boston and Toronto, Exchange Solutions has been helping leading retailers, financial institutions and online businesses create sustainable and profitable communities of engaged customers for 18 years.



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